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Why Take an EQ test?

In the past few years, many of the big international companies have taken upon the habit of asking job applicants to take EQ tests. Tradition test results of two applicants on intelligence and of technical knowledge, will generally be similiar – making it difficult to make a choice between the two.

Often, we assume that a person who is obviously talented and very intelligent is not very comfortable with people – in other words, that this person is limited socially. This is exactly what recruiters want to avoid, since they need to create teams of employees who work well together. In scientific professions, it has been observed that researchers who are extremely talented in a particular field often have difficulty interacting socially with others.

We can, of course, reassure ourselves that not everyone with a high cognitive intelligence has a weak emotional intelligence. In general, the two tend to be go hand-in-hand. But people with a high emotional intelligence are able to control their feelings in every type of situation; they are able to express their feelings in a way that that suits both themselves and others. Emotionally intelligent people are able to demonstrate empathy, which is the ability to put themselves in others’ shoes and to relate to others’ emotions.

The "Emotional Quotient" (EQ) measures emotional intelligence, which is an individual’s ability to be in touch with her or her own feelings and with those of others. Someone who is emotionally intelligent will know how to appropriately express his or her feelings in various types of situations – whether among friends, co-workers, or strangers. Emotions demonstrate a person’s sincerity, and they attract respect, admiration, trust, and even friendship from others.

An EQ test also provides a reliable way to understand the essential traits of your personality such as your trustworthiness, self-confidence, empathy, ability to persuade, motivation, and independence of mind – basically, any learned characteristic or ability that we associate with personal development. Once the test is finished, the person who took it benefits from a detailed and personalized analysis of his or her emotional profile. Armed with this tool, he or she will be able to accurately identify his or emotional weaknesses, and therefore to look for ways to improve or overcome them. The person must know that, when taking an EQ test, there is no such think as a right or wrong answer; sincerity is the only thing that matters.

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