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An intelligence quotient (IQ) is one squadron of mental ability, defined as the average of intelligence scores of all subjects a given individual took in an intelligence test. The term “intelligence quotient” is also used interchangeably with “quality of mind,” or simply “quotient.” IQ tests are given to test general intelligence. Quotient is a more complex concept, measuring only a person’s intellectual capabilities below the average or just above average. Quotient is the measure of intellectual functioning (standard IQ test) that is derived from an individual’s scores on so-called IQ tests, such as the Stanford-Binet test and Wechsler. A person’s IQ is measured by a standard battery of tests that measure all of the human mind’s major skills: verbal skills, nonverbal skills, language skills, analytical skills, conscious control, social skills, and the crafts and talents developed through deliberate practice. Although it is not a conventional test, it is nonetheless always successful as it measures well the intellectual capabilities of a person. The term “IQ test” quite naturally refers to tests that measure general intellectual abilities rather than specific knowledge or skills. The first breakthrough in the understanding of IQ comes from a study by Howard Gardner, a professor of education at Harvard University. He proposed that mental abilities, such as the ability to learn rapidly and to retrieve stored memories, are tools for the development of human intelligence. Gardner also believed that a person’s emotional maturity, both as a person’s ability to withstand disappointment and as a person who can perceive and respond to the world around her, had a great deal to do with the development of his or her intelligence. Subsequent studies carried out by other anthropologists have lent support to Gardner’s theories. Results from several studies have shown that most human children have a predictable level of intelligence. Inside the human mind is a network of ever-changing software programs, and most of these programs are locked in the way we communicate with each other. If we take the time to learn how to read these programs, we can retrain our minds, change the software, and increase our intelligence. The question is not whether intelligence is hard to learn; the reality is that everyone learns to read and write eventually, whether they learn reading or not. The trick is to learn how to read and write quickly, as these skills impact all aspects of our lives. An educated person is a person who can handle a given situation with good decision-making skills. The key to learning how to read and write, or any other skill, is to practice the skills until they are automatic through repetition. This is what everyone should do, and this is what the authors of SpeedGrade try to do with their exam preparation software – repeatedly. Howard Gardner has also argued that there are multiple intelligences; essentially, that each of us has a unique sensing capacity that only we’ll know. SpeedGrade tries to achieve full understanding of a topic by grading the student’s performance on each chapter. It uses a rolling average to calculate the student’s performance on each individual test, whereas a traditional test might result in a single number for each chapter.
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