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They took the EQ test!
I never heard about EQ or emotional intelligence. I took the test and I wish to thank you for it because I understood two or three important things for my life in general. I will talk about it to my friends and family.
DYLAN – Highbridge

I really enjoyed the last 14 questions regarding emotional intelligence, especially the explanations that go along with them. I made 5 mistakes. I then read your improvement method and I must say it’s well done and easy to practice. Why don’t they teach this at school? These are the real foundations to succeed in life…
DIETER – Vermont

    Calculate Your EQ

eq test iq test general knowledge test career testI want to calculate my EQ
By clicking on the button below, you will be able to take our 50-question test to calculate your EQ and compare yourself to the rest of the population.You will also be given an option to access a personalized report of your emotional intelligence should you so desire.

Includes : complete test + results (your EQ) + comparison.
Fee$7.99 special promotional price $4.99

calculate your eq

eq test iq test general knowldege test career test I want to calculate my EQ and access a personalized report of my emotional intelligence
By clicking on the button below, you will be able to calculate your EQ, compare your performance to the rest of the population and receive a detailed analysis of your emotional intelligence. This report is composed of 30 pages and gives a detailed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in the six identified dimensions (self-confidence, expression/perception, independence, motivation, persuasion, self-esteem).

This report also includes a psychologist’s explanations of the 50 test questions, as well as a diagram representing your emotional potential.

Includes : complete test + results + comparison + personalized report (30 pages) + explanation of answers.
Fee $13.99 special promotional price $9.99

take the eq test

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