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They took the test!
I loved the way the test was set up and the whole test taking process offered. Being able to use Paypal made it EXTREMELY convenient. I liked the idea of the personalized report and it speak well of me? You offer the best prices around (in my opinion) from what I have come across. Keep up the great site. I love the tests you offer. — Tami, USA.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. This is a good site and I hope you’ll have success with it in the future as well. It sure deserves it!
Fedor – Toronto

It’s great to be able to tell others that you’re one of the 2.3% most intelligent people on earth! I’ve got to tell my boss ’cause I don’t feel that I’m part of the 2.3% best remunerated people in my company.
BEN – Manchester


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How to take this test
iq test eq test general knowledge test career test 1. You have exactly 35 minutes to answer the 50 questions that follow. A countdown will begin as soon as you start the test and begins again each time the contents of the succeeding page are fully displayed.

2. You cannot use a calculator, but pen and paper are permitted.

3. You cannot click the “Back” and “Refresh” buttons.

4. Answer all questions and, if you are not able to, guess the answer. Intuitive responses are taken into account in the general evaluation.

5. If a question seems to suggest more than a single answer among the given choices, select the one that appears most obvious or more “reasonable” to you.

6. If a youngster of less than 16 years of age takes part in this test, our test evaluation will require adjustment. A method of evaluating childrens’ IQ according to their age is available on the results page at the end of the test.

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