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A professional success coach

Their practices first saw the light of day in the United States during the eighties. Since then, certain gurus with the likes of Frederic Hudson and Michael Brown have theorized their profession to include the general public. Hudson and Brown’s motto is enlightening: “Short-term goals are the stepping stones to the bigger ones”.

The technique used by the coach that allows him to intervene on his customer and disciple, is based on three principles. First is performance (developing a relational know-how and releasing a creative potential), next is growth (all new situations such as job promotion, retirement, a move or even the departure of one’s children) and the last principle is self-awareness (such as implementing a solid project or discovering hidden talents).

The coach must have a clear and concise idea of the situation in which his client is in, while at the same time taking into account his age. By using this approach, he will define the necessary steps to take in order to obtain the desired result. Let’s say you have a project which you are particularly keen on, but you have trouble forgetting a sour lay-off? Your coach will first work on your past issues before concentrating on your future.

His objective: to focus your energy in a positive way. In order to accomplish this, the coach listens a lot, encourages and reassures, but he also asks questions and can even push his client to do the same. He is not by his client’s side 24 hours a day, so he gives exercises and homework to complete during his absence. For example, to help rebuild his student’s self-esteem, he urges him to treat himself every day. He is only trying to make him understand how far an individual’s functionality can go in an effort to develop his potential. The first session attended with one of these gurus is always the same. It‘s getting to know the other better and to verify that trust has been instilled. The next step is to specify the objectives to attain, and to determine how long this will take. The coach will accompany his client through hardships such as reassignment, resignation and new responsibilities by scheduling daily or weekly sessions. Some appointments often spread over several months. Expect an average of ten to twenty sessions minimum, each costing between 100 to 200 Dollars, depending on the coach’s notoriety.

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