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What Do You See in This Ink Blot?

As always, may the best person win. The laureate of a debate is the person who can best convince his or her audience of the truth of what is being said. The subject can be absolutely anything – even the most unrealistic of topics is fine. What’s important is to convince people using
demonstration and persuasion – and, obviously, using lots of specialized vocabulary. It is pointless to lie, because it is not the content of the speech that matters. Rather, it is the manner of presenting the content that is important.

In Ancient Greece, the gym was a place of learning, where one went to learn how to form and build one’s body. Later, however, debates were added to the list of physical activities, as a way of linking the two most important aspects of Greek education – the body and the mind. Almost two thousand years later, despite many changes in the world, debates are still popular.

High school and university students – and indeed, anyone who is finishing up his or her studies and needs some practice speaking before heading out into the real world – are potential candidates for debates. Universities, high schools, and scientific clubs organize formal debates on a regular basis, usually at the end of the semester or school year. "Youth is not a myth, because the youth are real people", was the topic of a recent high school debate. You can be a talented philosopher but nonetheless prove pitiful in a debate. The winner is the person who has the highest verbal intelligence.

More than just charisma, what is needed is the ability to rouse interest and understanding in the topic. Today, the most famous formal debate is probably that organized by The National Management Association. The American Enterprise Speech Contest has been conducted annually since 1988. All speeches must have the American Competitive Enterprise System as a main theme and must be submitted to the contest director prior to each level of competition. The CONTENT of speech reflects 50% of the overall points awarded, the DELIVERY of speech reflects 30% of the overall points awarded and the LANGUAGE of the speech reflects 20% of the overall points awarded.

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