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7 Tips to Manage Your Time

Executives or workaholics each must manage their time to successfully face a schedule overload. Here are some tips and tricks that are the basis for their professional success.

Losing time in order to gain some: this is the rule for all those who regret that a day only has 24 hours. Rather than to complain about their time schedule, they have decided to confront it as true administrators. In this fashion, they avoid complaining about being swamped and show skills in organization instead of collapsing under the weight of daily workload.

The basic trick to not waste your day is sacrosanct planning. Relying on a sudden urge to accomplish something is a crude error. By setting a goal, you move forward, and it’s best not to let yourself be guided by the events, but rather to do the opposite and establish an order of importance. It is essential not to react immediately on haphazard events that unexpectedly come your way, in other words don’t shun your priorities over useless duties. This means don’t waste your time solving problems to create new ones!

Sort your tasks
You must be able to differentiate between what is important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important and finally, which is neither urgent nor important 

Don’t be delayed by what delayed you.
This is elementary: someone who is late does not deserve a rescheduling or the cancellation of a task. You must move forward with those who are on time so as not to encourage them being late.

Do not linger on a document.
When faced with something that must be tended to immediately, try not to spend more time on the three paragraphs that are giving you a problem. Make a decision, throw out, file or make notes.

Do not to clutter your work space
It’s a mistake to leave in full view tasks that require your attention. By piling them up, you are only being distracted by quantity ahead of you.

Organize your plan of action
Don’t forget that before any project, whether it’s a new idea or proposal, it is necessary to progress step by step, instead of believing that you can quicken the pace by finding an immediate solution. In other words, establish a timeline you can follow realistically.
Do not subject yourself to lists of activities
The danger of a To-Do list is writing it all at once. Learn to prioritize them.

Delegate but take control
Always be careful in following the progress of workloads that you delegate to other people.

Mastering and managing your work schedule also means knowing how to make the distinction between the task and the result, the effectiveness and the efficiency. People who surround you deserve encouragement and constructive criticism on their work instead of on them. This is an excellent way to give power to teamwork, by stressing on each and everyone’s dedication and good work.

The most eminent sociologists examined this phenomenon and came up with several elementary principles. For example Parkinson’s Law states that work dilates until it fills the time allotted to accomplish its requirements. Douglass’ Law is just as interesting as it deals with reality: files and documents pile up into the available space until it is time to sort them!!

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