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Curing language deficiencies

It’s not at school that a child learns to speak: the language apprenticeship actually begins during pregnancy, in the mother’s womb. The fetus perceives a multitude of sounds during his development. Once born, he will begin to speak between 18 months and two years, also the time during which he will utter his first coherent words. Little by little, he will be able to string words together, making clearer and clearer sentences.Only once in school will he learn to read and write. It is precisely during this time that language deficiencies are detected for the first time. However, there are ways of detecting these troubles a lot earlier on. Significant and perceptible symptoms can be identified at this point. Stuttering is a symptomatic demonstration of an oral language dysfunction. Most of the cases make their appearance between the ages of three and eight years old.

• At six months of age: the child no longer produces any sounds and constantly suffers from otitis.
• At two years of age: the child has ceased to learn new words, has not yet put a sentence together and doesn’t pronounce consonants. • At three years of age: the child does not understand basic words, has still not structured a short sentence and can only babble unintelligibly.Dyslexic children are victims of language deficiencies but that only manifest themselves at the onset of reading. These children invert sounds, syllables, and confuse words that are phonetically similar, such as “duck” and “luck”. Speech therapists are experts in the field and should be called upon to correct the tendency and cure the dyslexia. Whether in speech or written form, many children who suffer from these ailments often possess auditory deficits. In certain cases, an emotional shock experienced during the second or third year of age, can very likely be the cause of poor mouth coordination. The “Peter Pan” syndrome is more common, and is a malady that also affects language. In this instance, the child refuses to grow and constantly seeks attention and pampering. Whatever the origins, speech therapists agree: the earlier the handicap is detected, the better the chances that it will be cured.

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