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The Hidden Job Market

Today, barely 40% of available jobs are even announced in the classifieds or at agencies; the rest remain in what recruitment specialists call the “hidden job market.” This refers to “networks,” such as alumni or former employee associations, all types of clubs, etc. … In short, everywhere that word-of-mouth and personal contacts are at work. 

Everyone belongs to a network, except for hermits and people who are completely antisocial. It’s the quality of your network that will make all of the difference. Developing your network can start in your apartment building, in your office, among friends and acquaintances… When you realize that most job announcements generate an average of five hundred résumés, it is easy to understand the importance of improving your prospects by constructing a network.

After meeting with an endless series of career counselors and recruitment officers, job hunters generally end up feeling lonely and frustrated. The network that you develop should begin with your relatives and close friends; working from this base, you can constantly enlarge your circles. In order to develop a big network you will have to think about adding former classmates and co-workers, and even contacts from past jobs (such as clients, suppliers, and partners).

Once you widely broadcast the fact that you are looking for a job, the perfect job will not necessarily fall into your lap; rather, you will hear a lot of advice and tips. For example, if you ask ten people to each give you the names of two contacts to whom they would recommend you, you are both developing and structuring your network.

Your objective is to meet the largest number of people, and to try to select the best people from this large group. As a result of your network, you will soon be able to multiply your number of applications to positions that have not been publicly announced

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