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Show me where it hurts

Nursing yourself back to health when you’re sick is a good thing. Understanding that what you’re suffering from is connected to the way you lead your life, the way you move and the way you breathe, is even better.   

What happens to you makes sense! Small illnesses and other pathologies you may one day suffer from, are often the direct result of the kind of life you are leading and of the way your personality expresses itself. Listening to the language of our body, heeding to its pains or maladies, is truly escaping illness as an inevitable fate. Allergies, occasional sciatica and any other negative manifestation are the symptoms of a semi-depressive state.
In his book “Dis-moi où tu as mal“ (title translation: Tell me where it hurts), Michel Odoul is a French specialist on the subject and among other things, speaker at seminars on personal development. He states that: “We can and we must take control of our bodies”.  By making sense out of these physical problems that can ruin our existence and by giving them a meaning, Michel Odoul intends to help us regain control of our lives, each in our individual way… Or how to take charge of our body and mind. 

Odoul’s work is directly influenced by Eastern philosophies such as Taoism or the principle of incarnation and change. Considered as a New Age “guru”, Michel Odoul has over twenty years of experience and thousands of individual consultations to boast. His creed is straightforward: we need to understand what is happening to us. The pattern “I’m in pain, the doctor will treat me” is efficient to a point. It is not enough to render us immune to what can possibly harm us. As Socrates once said: “Know yourself and you will be better for it.”   

Do you suffer from a cold sore or tendonitis? This is a sign that you are consumed by a burning fire: the excessive and inadequate use of a part of your body. A skin allergy? Hay fever? These represent a difficulty to adapt to the outside world as well as a difficulty to trust it. In fact, hundreds of such pathologies translate the negative aspects of our personality. Learning about what is harmful to us means we are able to understand it and operate a change within our bodies…


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