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Thank you for taking one of our online tests. On this page, we now make it possible for you to share your thoughts on our products and services. If you wish to send some general comments or suggestions, you are at the right place. Our Guest Book is especially intended for this purpose.

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Jamal Finley – SF – (USA) Friday, february 21
I truly enjoyed your test and was rather surprised by the results. It’s nice to know that I am smart even though I felt I was in a weird way. I can only get better I suppose. Thanks!
Suzanne – – (US) Tuesday, february 19
I really enjoyed taking the iq test and would certainly recommend it to friends. The test was understandable and I was satisfied with the results. I think you could make it a bit harder and longer, but it was fine
Syndersix – – (US) Thursday, january 23
The test was challenging and fun, it was very revealing and coincided with my own perceptions of myself in business situations. I think it was well rounded and useful.
Mike Logan – – (US) Thursday, january 23
The test was very clear and to the point. I did enjoy taking the test as I have taken other online iq tests just to see how I would do. I read the personalized report and I did learn some things, but I realize that I should not take it too seriously. I would tell my friends to take the test just to see how they compare to my score. I was satisfied with the test results and they compare closely to other online tests that I have taken in the past.
Robert Rigg – – (US) Thursday, january 23
i enjoyed the test and thought it was set up in a very user friendly manner. i would encourage friends to take the test for fun, although it is nice to know that one’s score does reflect one’s iq to a reasonable degree.
Matthew Cleary – – (US) Thursday, january 23
The test was fairly clear and I did enjoy the test very much. It was interesting, challenging and fun. I am not sure what you could change to make it better, but I have already recommended the test to my friends. I do not know if you can or if you did allow it, but an option to return to questions for later consideration would be nice. I also plan to try to take it again in the future. I hope this helps you.

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