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The secret of dreams

Where do dreams come from? The brain creates them, of course, for even when you sleep, it never stops turning. This is the scientific explanation. On the psychological level, Freud considered dreams to express repressed desires and drives that we never dare to express in reality. For others, the paradoxical sleep comes when the brain creates dreams, just like a machine that washes our memory. There is one sure thing that many specialists agree on: while we sleep, the body is at rest, whereas the brain becomes hyperactive.We cannot, however, reduce the dreams we have during the night to a series of simple neuronal processes. Indeed, up to this day, nobody has been able to explain why one is more inclined to dream certain kinds of dreams. Interpreting dreams is therefore still considered a foreign domain in a science that touches on clairvoyance and primitive beliefs. Certain Indian tribes of North America would not go out hunting not unless the head of their tribe dreamt about even a part of the hunt.

-When you wake up in the morning, immediately think about the dream you just had.

-Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen. Make some sort of report on the information that you have available. Do not be discouraged if the information seem unrelated to one another.

-Then analyze every element in your dream, one by one. Try to establish a structure, an outline of how your dream unfolded.

Now you are ready for the interpretation itself:

-Itemize the setting and mood of this dream in written form.
-Enumerate the objects and persons in your dream.
-List down the main events of the dream.

You will now proceed based on the association method, connecting and crosschecking the most number of responses resulting from the three abovementioned points. It is important to put everything in writing. That is the best way to organize your visual memory. Finally, you should also take into account your mood when you woke up. For example, were you annoyed, irritated, or calm and relaxed? In the first case, you could consider it as an element that contributes a lot to the stressful situation you are currently in.

Knowing how to interpret your dreams is just another step to knowing yourself better.

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