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Product Reviews

Acnezine has significant effects on texture of sun-damaged skin

A study conducted by Albert M. Kligman, M.D., Ph.D., and James J. Leyden, M.D., of the University of Pennsylvania and Gary L. Grove, Ph.D., of the Skin Study Center has found that topical retinoic acid — Vitamin-A acid, Acnezine( — has significant effects on the texture and characteristics of photoaged skin (skin damaged due to sun exposure). Read more…

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Microwave Reviews – How to Use Them to Make a Good Purchase

If you are in the market for a new microwave oven and are not sure where to begin, it’s a good idea to have a read of some microwave reviews of the several models available to help you in your search. Choosing between a compact, mid-size and full-sized microwave, then choosing between a countertop, over-the-range or built-in model, and then deciding on which features you want can be hard enough. Then you have to decide which brand, and which exact model to purchase. This is where microwave reviews come in real handy. Reading what the owners of each of the microwaves you are looking at have to say about each model, can really help you to narrow down your search and find a good quality unit. Ideally you want to find a microwave oven which works well, is reliable, cooks foods well and will last you a long time. Reading the reviews of microwave models should help you to achieve that.

There are a few key points one can look out for in microwave reviews to find a good microwave model. For starters, have a look at the amount of people who have rated the microwave highly and compare it to the amount of people who have rated it very low. You may find a unit which has over 20 5/5 star ratings but it also has around 20 1/5 star ratings too. When looking at a microwave with feedback like this, it is wise to proceed with caution. If you are very interested in that particular oven, you can look a little deeper and read through a couple of the positive as well as negative microwave reviews to find out exactly what is the problem with it, and what are the pros of it too. Sometimes there was a fault in that particular model but it has since been recoiled, the issue has been fixed and the model is sent back out into the market no longer having this issue. Decide whether the pros are really worth the cons. You may find it is just more effective to disregard any units you find with many negative reviews, and look for an oven in which the amount a positive reviews far outweigh the negative.

Another thing you can do when looking through the many microwave oven reviews trying to find the right one, is to quickly see if others found the review helpful. Instead of needing to read 10, 20 or even 50 reviews, you may be able to read just 1 or 2 of the ones that other consumers have voted as being the most useful.

Trying to find the best purchase for any product can be a bit difficult and time consuming, and it is no different when it comes to microwave ovens. Reading through helpful microwave reviews can really speed up the process, help you to weed out poorly designed or made units, and can give you a good idea of which microwave oven model is your best choice.
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