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Buying a Countertop Microwave – Purchasing Tips

So you have decided to purchase a new countertop microwave. Your old unit broke or you have chosen to upgrade to a better microwave oven with more features. So where do you go from here? Buying a new microwave does not need to be a difficult or even lengthy process, by following these simple purchasing tips, you will be able to choose a countertop microwave quickly and easily and will be able to start using it to cook many meals in no time at all.

The first thing to do when shopping for a countertop microwave is to look at the amount of space you have available on your kitchen counter. Make sure to consider not only the width of the unit, but the depth and height as well. The last thing you want is for your new microwave oven to be getting in the way all the time, so make sure that it will fit completely onto your counter in all directions. It is also a good idea to consider how much space you will be left with also. If you like to prepare many meals on your kitchen counter, like making sandwiches, you may not want to give up so much of your preparation space. After you have considered a suitable placement for your microwave, compare the dimensions of countertop units you are interested in with the amount of space you have available at home. You may decide that a middle sized or even small countertop microwave is better suited to your kitchen and can cater to your cooking needs. Those wanting a full sized family oven should be aware that although these come with some great benefits, such as being able to cook a large pizza or a whole chicken in them, they also take up a very large amount of space.

The second point to consider when looking at the various countertop microwave ovens available is what exactly the microwave can do. A countertop microwave can greatly range in the amount of features it has available, and the larger or more expensive it is does not necessarily mean that it is better; nor does it mean it has more features. Be sure to look for features you will certainly want and use often, these can include auto defrosting, automatic sensor cooking, a large turntable, various power levels, keep warm feature, quick button cooking keys, and a high or low wattage depending on preference (high for those wanting fast cooking speeds or low for those with power concerns).

Choosing the best countertop microwave oven comes down to the personal preference of which model is best for you, as well as taking into consideration the quality of the unit, its reliability and longevity. The model you choose should be able to fit comfortably on your kitchen counter and have all the features you would use to cook in it regularly. Following these quick purchasing tips will help to ensure you choose the right countertop microwave for you. Read more…

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