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Becoming Sexy is Possible!

Sex appeal: you either have it or you learn how to get it! We’re all capable of being sexy; of bringing out that small slice of charm that lies dormant within us. That’s what they say at an unusual type of establishment that just opened in London, the London School Of Passion. Classes are currently only given to women who need to boost their self-confidence. They won’t just be learning how to seduce men but also how to feel better about themselves.

The aim of the classes is to help the students understand that they’re desirable; what all women need to learn and put into practice to develop their powers of seduction, according to the school’s brochure. From make-up to relaxation techniques, they learn to make themselves look beautiful as well as how to breathe calmly in practical situations. Motivation sessions add a touch of personal development to the classes, which attract a lot of women. There are already around 50 regular participants in the classes.

Nothing should escape the pupils, be it body language and its secrets, how to speak just by looking at people, or what kind of behavior to adopt to be sexy when shopping at the grocery store. Role plays are organized to offer realistic situations like talking a walk where you need to seduce someone within ten minutes. There’s even a mock-up of a discotheque in the school where special practical exercises take place, such as dancing on tables!

Individual or group classes, by the day or by the week, cost about $100 per student per day. At that price you’d expect a really thorough training, and you get to take home photos taken at the school that help to reinforce the teachers’ words: dancing, singing, whispering, in make-up, in an evening dress, in slippers… There’s no age limit, and at the moment it’s the only place of its kind in Europe. Coming soon to the USA?

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