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First Ad Created for Web Content on HTC Inspire Cases

WIRED DIGITAL, which also pioneered the first Web ads back in 1994, said the ad represents a trial, to see how it performs and how users react to it.


“We’re really bullish about the universe of handheld computers, and we feel advertising should be a part of that,” said Rick Boyce, Wired Digital’s vice president of advertising and commerce. Read more…

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Gentiva® Health Services Announces Completion of SEC Investigation

ATLANTA, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Gentiva Health Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: GTIV), the largest provider of home health and hospice services in the United States based on revenue, announced today that it has been advised by the staff of the Securities and Exchange Commission that the investigation by the SEC related to the Company’s participation in the Medicare Home Health Prospective Payment System has been completed and that the staff does not intend to recommend any enforcement action by the SEC.  The Company had previously reported the existence of this investigation in July 2010. Read more…

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Plan International USA Acquires the Centre for Development and Population Activities

WASHINGTON, Nov. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – Plan International USA and the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) have entered into a formal asset acquisition agreement. In this innovative transaction, CEDPA will join talents and projects with Plan to strengthen existing programs and more effectively protect and promote the rights of women and children around the world. Read more…

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Radiologic and Physical Findings Identify Elder Abuse

CHICAGO, Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – Radiologists in Toronto have begun to identify a pattern of injuries that may be indicative of elder abuse, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Read more…

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Choosing From Different Types Of Suitable Mortgage

The term mortgage is defined as the loan for a property such as land or house which has to be paid within a specified period of time. It is generally a loan of money. The mortgage is just a security for the loan that the lender makes to the borrower. Mortgages have numerous shapes and sizes. Each shape and size has its own pros and cons. People need to do extensive research to find which type of mortgage is suitable for them and which bank, savings and loan, mortgage bank, or finance company provides the best terms for that type of loan. The internet makes this process easier for the people. The most common types of mortgages are fixed rate mortgage, discounted mortgage, capped rate mortgage, cash back mortgage, flexible mortgage and tracker mortgage. The fixed rate mortgage is apposite for the people who prefer to know approximately what their monthly outgoings will be. They are the traditional loans that have a fixed interest rate for 30, 20, 15 or 10 years. The monthly payment of interest and principal never changes in this type of mortgage. The fixed rate mortgage is the best option for certain cases.

The next type of mortgage is an adjustable rate mortgage. They usually start at a lower interest rate. But the type interest rate and payments fluctuate depending upon the market interest rates. It is adjusted annually. These types of mortgage are very much popular among the people who expect increasing income over the next few years. Capped rate type of mortgage is the combination of fixed mortgage and adjustable rate of mortgage. Cash back mortgage is the best type of mortgage for the first-time buyers. It is also suitable for the people who are on a tight budget or has taken out a loan to use as a deposit for the mortgage. The lender will compensate a certain amount of the mortgage loan, once the deal is done. This may be depending on the lender and the size of the mortgage. Flexible mortgage is useful for the people who are taking time out to study. People need to agree the payment holidays with the lender. These holidays may either increase the re-payments later on or extend the loan period. Jumbo loans are a larger mortgage than the average loan. The people may choose this option if they need a huge amount of money as a loan.

Before getting or applying a mortgage, the first thing the people need to do is save enough money for the deposit. Then they have to think for a way they can repay the loan amount for the mortgage. The best option is the repayment loans. It is also called as capital and interest loans. In this type part of the loan is paid back every month. The whole loan is repaid at the end of the term. Once if they have chosen the type of mortgage and the repayment way, then they require finding a lender. The lender will be able to inform them how much amount of loan they can borrow. The amount of the loan is based on three factors. They are borrower’s income, their existing debt and the size of their deposit. The mortgage checklist involves the items such as saved deposit, the amount they can pay each month, the types of mortgages available, etc. A mortgage lender is the critical one to the cost and success of the home purchase. The level of service of the lender can make the difference between a happy new homeowner and a disappointed buyer who missed out on a home.

A knowledgeable and professional mortgage can help the people to set the goals and secure a loan that is suited to their needs. Banks and credit unions to mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers and many other institutions can provide the home loans for the people. An example of a mortgage broker can be found here. The important thing the people should keep in mind is the difference between the mortgage lender and mortgage broker. Mortgage lenders specialize in making mortgage loans. They are associated with banks. Mortgage lenders deal with borrower’s usually through retail banking branches or through a mortgage broker. Lenders have both retail and wholesale divisions. Retail divisions provide the loans to borrowers through the bank branches. But the wholesale division’s deals are usually done through the mortgage brokers. Mortgage interest rates are offered to the brokers. The interest rates are lower than the retail rates offered to the public. The qualifying standards and loan programs may be varied from one lender to the others. Mortgage brokers can access to a large number of lenders. Brokers simply matches the lenders’ mortgage offerings with the borrowers’ profile and needs at a favorable rate. Brokers do not approve the loan of the borrowers. They simply find a lender who will approve the loan.

Finding good lenders is very much important before approaching the mortgage. A good lender can approve the loan for the people and offer advice on the ways to improve their credit and describe the mortgage payments with the rest of their financial plan. You can ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. They may approach their friends who have recently made their home purchases and get the details of the mortgage broker from them. It is the best way to search the mortgage broker on their own through the internet and the telephone. The goal of the borrowers is to get the trustworthy answers about the interest rates and loan choices. They may do research and ask them about their dealing offers and the conditions. The people should feel free to ask questions because this property loans is likely the part of the life for the next 25 to 30 years. If any mortgage broker offers a special deal, get the details of the special conditions. People should ensure that the mortgage broker belongs to an independent complaints scheme in case anything goes wrong. People should select their lenders. They must not allow the lenders to choose them. People should focus on them not on the loan.
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What Makes A Successful Woman?

Janet Harper has been a very busy lady. Here she reveals some of her life story and how going through several life stages and coming out at the other end intact can help you to be successful.
“I grew up in a very, very loving home; I had the warmest, most loving mother and dad. I grew up being told by my parents every day that I was a wonderful, worthwhile person. I think I grew up with a lot of warm feelings for people in general. I also had a strong daddy who felt that women should be taken care of. So I grew up with kind of a `dumb act,’ too, because I knew that if I played helpless, somebody else would take care of me. I went from a father who took care of everything to a husband who took care of everything.”
She did not contemplate a career: “In my home, as I grew up, there were only a couple of things that my father thought it was appropriate for a young lady to do. One was to teach school, and the other was to stay home. My daughters have all kinds of ideas of what they want to do with their lives; I didn’t. I was a junior in college; I didn’t have a major, and my parents made me take education courses. They said, `You might want to teach some day.’ I didn’t plan to.”
But then Harper’ life took some turns that few women who grew up in Arkansas in the 1940s and 1950s were prepared for. First, she went through a divorce that left her, when she was in her mid-30s, with two young children to support. Then, in 1974, she took her first real job, selling for a Little Rock real-estate agency. By the time that agency broke up, 5 1/2 years later, Harper was selling more than $5 million worth of residential property a year.
She started her own agency, the Janet Harper Company, in 1980. Now it is one of the strongest agencies in Little Rock’s most prestigious neighborhoods, with sales that Harper expects to reach $30 million this year. That is an impressive figure for Little Rock, where the median sales price for an existing home in the past 12 months was only $75,000 (far below the $180,000 or more in New York, Boston and parts of California).
After her divorce, Harper started thinking about pursuing a career. “I was growing, gaining some confidence and ready to step out, whereas I hadn’t been a few years earlier. I’d taken about as much advice about marriage as I could take at that stage so I was ready to move on. I was at a party, and this cute girl said to me: `Oh, you ought to come sell real estate. We’re all having so much fun. We don’t work very hard, and we make lots of money.’ I thought, gosh, maybe I could do that, too.”
Once Harper went to work in real estate, it turned out that her upbringing had masked a fierce drive to succeed. “People used to call me a workaholic,” she says. “Sometimes some of the people who worked with me would say, `How come you have all these prospects, and I don’t?’ I would say, `I choose to work, and you choose to play tennis.’ I had an insatiable appetite to call all the people and sell all the houses and stir up all the business.
“For instance, a new house would come on the market, and it would be 5:30, and everybody else would go home, and I’d say, `Ah! A new house! And I’d start looking through my book for who’d want this new house, and I’d call them all. Everybody else would get to the office the next morning, to get ready to start calling their people, and I’d already sold the house.”
For her, she says, being raised as a typical Southern girl made it easier, not more difficult, to succeed in business: “I spent all my life wanting people to like me, and wanting to be nice to people so they would like me. That translated really well into a commission-sales business.”
In residential real estate, “you’re helping people in a very important, intense time in their lives,” Harper says. It can be “a very happy time-it may be a marriage, a new baby, a promotion, a new job, moving up or finally fulfilling a dream they’ve always had to have a certain type of home for their family. On the other hand, it may be a sad time, when someone has died, or it may be a divorce, a lost job or bankruptcy. There are very few of these situations that don’t have a lot of emotion in them, one way or another. I enjoy that. I enjoy having a slice of people’s lives.”
Harper now has 20 agents. Competing agencies have many more, but Harper has about as many as she wants because, she says, “I want to feel that a potential buyer or seller gets the same kind of quality, caring service from us no matter what agent [that client] gets.” She adds, I think if we get a lot bigger, I’m not going to have as much awareness of what these agents are doing.”
Her more predictable life now is a change from the days when “I had stirred up so much business, my phone rang off the wall. I couldn’t eat a meal, I couldn’t go to sleep, I couldn’t sleep in the morning, because I had called so many people and had listed so many homes for sale.
“I had to be able to jump and run.”
Running out to meet a client was harder when her daughters were younger, she says, but “my children were very supportive; they would go with me. I used to take them to school, and they’d get out of the car and say, `Sell a house today, Mom! And when I’d pick them up, they’d say, `Did you sell a house?’ I’d let them put the `sold’ stickers on our houses. It still makes me sad some days, because they tell me that I’d call and say I’d be home in 30 minutes, and they would laugh, because they knew that meant an hour and a half.
“As they got older, a lot of times they said to me, `You’ve been a role model for us that is closer to the world that we’re going to live in.’ I think they’ve been proud of what I’ve done.”

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A Different Kind of Day, GIVING TUESDAY — Area Company joins National movement

JENKINTOWN, Pa., Nov. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

Where: The Connelly House
1212 Ludlow St. Philadelphia

When:  Tuesday, 11/27 9am-12pm Read more…

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Investors in Trump Tower Request Investigation by Ontario Securities Commission

TORONTO, Nov. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Some of the investors in the Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto (“Trump Hotel”), in a last-bid effort to obtain immediate assistance before their looming November 29th closing dates, have sought the assistance of the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”), which oversees the offering of investments in Ontario. The investors are asking the OSC to launch a formal investigation into the investment scheme offered as part of the Trump Hotel. Read more…

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Cervical Cancer Association with HPV-negative Tumors

The loss of wild-type p53 function may be crucial to the pathology of cervical cancer and in the absence of a human-papillomavirus-negative encoded gene product that mediates loss of p53 function, somatic mutation of the gene may be required, according to a report from London’s Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.


A number of human malignancies, including cervical and anal cancers, have been linked to infection by human papillomaviruses (HPVs). The most commonly implicated HPVs in these malignancies are HPV 16 and 18. Read more…

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Scott Hamilton Hosts Star-Studded Skating Event Celebrating Cancer Survivorship On “Kaleidoscope On Ice Presented By Levine Cancer Institute” Airing Nov. 25 On CBS

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Legendary skater and cancer survivor Scott Hamilton and National Sportscaster and Sportswriters Hall of Famer Verne Lundquist host Kaleidoscope On Ice presented by Carolinas HealthCare System’s Levine Cancer Institute, a skating and song spectacular celebrating cancer survivorship, Sunday, Nov. 25, (5:00-6:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Read more…

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